III International Scientific and Practical Conference
October 24 – 25, 2019, Bryansk, Russia
Dear colleagues!

Welcome to submit your papers and participate in the III International Scientific and Practical Conference «CAD/EDA, Modeling and Simulation in the Modern Electronics». The conference will take place on October 24 – 25, 2019 at Bryansk State Technical University “BSTU”, Bryansk, Russia.

Thematic Areas

  • CAD/EDA applications in modern industry.
  • Information-measuring systems.
  • Modeling of mechatronic systems and electric drive with semiconductor converters, modeling of electromechanical and electrophysical processes and devices.
  • Multi-physical, mathematical, behavioral modeling.
  • Modeling and identification of nonlinear dynamic systems and processes.
  • Modeling of electronic, electrotechnical, physical and radio systems in the design, production, scientific research and educational process.

Participation Forms

  • full-time participation or distance participation;
  • publication in a printed collection of scientific papers (Russian Scientific Citation Index) and on the conference website in the open access mode.

Participation in the conference and publication in the collection of scientific papers are free.

Working Languages: Russian and English.
Conference Venue

Bryansk, Harkovskaya str., 10-B, conference hall of the Bryansk State Technical University.

Important Dates

  • 05.10.2019 – paper submission and registration deadline
  • 12.10.2019 – paper submission deadline
  • 24.10.2019 - 25.10.2019 – registration of participants and work of sections

Conference Information

Conference website: http://www.niiatm.ru/misapr/

Conference Contacts

Organizing Committee: e-mail: bgtusapr2017@yandex.ru, phone: +7(4832)590191.

To participate in the conference send by e-mail:

  • Application for participation in the conference.
  • File with text of the paper.
ANNEX Conference Paper Template
Authors (First and last name)
(City, Name of Organization)

Abstract. The main requirements for the papers are presented for publication in the collection of scientific papers of the II International Scientific and Practical Conference "CAD and Modeling in Modern Electronics".

Keywords: scientific and practical conference, modeling in modern electronics, requirements for publications

Papers are accepted until October 12, 2018 by e-mail indicating the subject of the letter "conference paper". The file names must include the first author's surname, then the underscore and the first letter of the document name without spaces, for example - Ivanov_S.docx. The number of publications with the participation of one author is unlimited. The conference accepts the results of original research, review and analytical materials that were not previously published. After receiving the papers, the participant within 3 working days should receive an e-mail notification of their receipt. Otherwise, you should send the papers again, or contact the organizing committee.

The text of the publication should be prepared in the MS Word editor with the extension * .docx.

Volume of paper: 2-5 full pages of text. The text format is A5 (14.8 × 21 cm), all the fields are 1.5 cm. The paragraph is 0.7 cm. Font - Times New Roman, 10 pt. The interval of lines is single. The text of the report should be aligned to the width.

Figures, graphs, diagrams, tables and other graphic materials are placed inside the text (after they are mentioned) and they must have captions (italics, font size - 9 pt., сenter alignment). The designations and inscriptions in the figures and on the the graphs should be easily readable, the font size being 8-9 pt. Figures in the format *.jpg, *.tiff, *.eps (with a resolution of at least 300 dpi) are performed in black and white (grayscale).

The sizes of figures and tables should not exceed the sizes of a text field.

Equations must be typed in the Microsoft Equation or MathType formula editor. The font for Greek letters is Symbol, for all others - Times New Roman, the basic size is 10 pt, the index is 60%, the subindex is 45%. Latin letters are typed in italics; letters of the Greek alphabet and Cyrillic alphabet - in direct type; the designations of matrices, vectors, operators - in bold. The equations are centered on the page, for numbered equations the number is placed at the right edge of the page.

The paper will number citations consecutively within brackets [[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[1]. References to the literature must compiled in accordance with GOST R7.05-2008 "Bibliographic reference. General requirements and rules of compilation" and is given at the end of the text.All submitted papers are reviewed and tested in the "Anti-plagiarism" system.The paper should be read and carefully edited by the author.

  1. Solonina, A.I.  Digital signal processing. Modeling in MATLAB / A.I Solonina, S.М. Arbusov. - St. Petersburg .: BHV-Petersburg, 2008. - 816 p.

The paper was received by the editorial board on 01.10.18.

Papers that do not meet the requirements will not be published.